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Earn Free OSRS Account of Autumn Hot Sale 2020

Free Account! Here comes our Big Off Sale for cool autumn on Rs2hot! From Sep. 18th, there is a chance to get a free OSRS account with amazing. There will be our Autumn Event with (Att90, Str90, Def90, Rng90) 2007 rs account for Free!

When can you enjoy free OSRS Account?
Keep the specific activity time in mind first, our Autumn event starts on Sep 18th. The event lasts for a whole month(18th Sep.---18th Oct.).
So you can come to our website to get your Free old school runescape account. Don't miss it ~~~

How to Get Free RS 07 Account?
In the Autumn event, we will offer Special Free OSRS Accounts for you all to grab.
Everyone can make purchase many times, once an order amount has reached, you can get the corresponding free account. You must place a MINIMUM of 5 OSRS GP orders.

What can you get from Autumn Sale 2020?
We provide 3 different types of accounts to choose from.
You can get:
(1) more than US$500,    Free OSRS Account (only Rng80 or Att40, Str80, Def1)
(2) more than US$1000,  Free OSRS Account (only Rng90 or Att80, Str90, Def70)
(3) more than US$2000,  Free OSRS Account (Att90, Str90, Def90, Rng90)   

Tips´╝ÜThe amount of osrs gold orders needs over 5 orders.

Never miss the chance of obtaining free RS 2007 Account for Autumn Event! You could also come to our site for buy OSRS gold, RS gold and others at any time. Enjoy our Autumn Hot Sale with cheap gold!

The Cheaprs2gold Team

Publish Time:Thursday, September 17, 2020

RS Product

Skype : live:rs--runescape2_1

We have various equipment sets here. Since all combinations are affordable, you can pick up any one you like.

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