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A vital Message from Runescape 3

From right now, your gameplay investment can work within your favour with Bonds: a brand new in game item purchased on our site and tradeable in game which might be redeemed for RuneScape membership, spins, RuneCoins and much more.

RuneScape is your game, and Bonds give you extra freedom and selection than ever before: spend for your membership with your in-game wealth; securely gift membership to a buddy or fellow clan member anyplace on the planet; access all premium content by trading Bonds in-game any item, resources or gold; and get pleasure from the complete RuneScape knowledge, no cost of bots and gold farmers.

Publish Time:Wednesday, October 09, 2013

RS Product

Skype : live:rs--runescape2_1

We have various equipment sets here. Since all combinations are affordable, you can pick up any one you like.

noxious scythe

black Santa hat
Santa hat

Red hallowe'en mask
Blue hallowe'en mask
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